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This Is Why Your Company Must Invest in Modern Marketing Strategies of the Past Image 2Marketing Strategies to Ensure Your Future.

Our world is changing. Technology makes it faster and easier than ever before for people to find the products and services they need and want. 

As a business owner, can you run the risk of being left behind?  

What Worked Yesterday to Attract New Customers to Your Business May Not Work Today.

The buying habits of the modern consumer have changed over the last few years and are now influenced by Digital, Social, and Mobile Media Marketing like never before.

When new customers are searching for the products or services your business offers, what will they find when they search onlineYour business or your competitors

This is the challenge you face as a business owner or CEO.

Investing in Outdated Marketing Strategies Is Hazardous for Your Business.

How do you attract new customers to your business?  Television or radio advertising?  Direct mail? Yellow page directory listings? Telemarketing? Billboard advertising? Newspaper or mailed magazine advertising? Word-of-mouth?

The advertising strategies listed above have been used successfully for many years yet their effectiveness has greatly diminished. The rate of return on traditional advertising is decreasing substantially in contrast to the Next Generation Marketing Strategies we will discuss in a moment.

The modern consumer no longer allows their fingers to do the walking through the yellow pages to find the product or service they desire; neither do they browse through the classified advertisements of their hometown newspaper.

They allow their fingers to do the typing when searching for the product or service they need or they simply ask Siri, Cortana, or Google on their smart phones or tablets.

Let’s consider this further.

Cincinnati Digital Media Advertising – Why This Will Dominate in the Future.

TV, Radio, and other traditional print advertisements are losing significant ground to Digital Media Advertising for several reasons:

  1. Lower cost to advertise
  2. The ability to target your intended audience
  3. Buyers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Of the three reasons listed above the most important is ease-of-use. Digital Media allows the buyers to quickly find what they need. In today’s fast-paced society that is more important than ever.

A significant benefit Digital Media offers Small Businesses is the ability compete head to head with much larger competitors using traditional advertising strategies.

In a moment we will share an example of how that works phenomenally well for one small business in Cincinnati who out-markets competitors 100 times larger.

This Is Why Traditional Advertising Strategies Will Become Obsolete.

Eventually TV, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail, and other Print advertising mechanisms will become completely obsolete because they lack the ability to target the customers they wish to attract to their business.

Traditional advertising utilizes a shotgun approach.

When a shotgun is fired, the shot or pellets do not behave like a bullet fired from a handgun or rifle traveling to its designated target.

The shotgun can discharge hundreds of pellets from a single round depending on the gauge and shot size and the pellets will spread out and scatter.

When a company spends money in TV, Radio, Newspaper, and Direct Mail, their message will reach a wide audience but not necessarily a targeted audience.

For example, a local car dealership runs television advertisements this weekend for a low financing special for vehicles they offer in their inventory.

Would said television advertisements be of interest to someone who is not in the market to buy a new car?


How about an attorney advertising their skills in personal injury lawsuits? 

Their intended audience obviously would be those injured in car accidents.

What if the majority of viewers watching said television commercials for the personal injury attorney have not been involved in an accident?

Said viewers would ignore those television advertisements as they have no need for a personal injury attorney…

In essence those advertising dollars are wasted on those who do not need the services of this personal injury attorney who likely has invested thousands of dollars to produce the commercial and far more to advertise their commercials.

Cincinnati Digital Media Advertising strategies use a targeted approach versus the shotgun approach with traditional advertising media.

You can more closely target your intended audience with Digital Media Advertising.

Example of Targeting for Cincinnati Digital Media Advertising.

Let’s consider Pathway Insurance.  Pathway is an insurance broker specializing in offering commercial insurance to a number of different industries. 

To target their intended audience using traditional advertising methods such as TV, Radio, Newspaper, Telemarketing, Direct Mail would involve a considerable investment that would be far above their advertising budget.

Instead they utilize Digital Media Strategies including Websites, Videos, Social Media, and Five-Star Online Reviews to make their phones ring with their targeted audience.

They also make use of Automation Marketing to follow up with customer inquiries automatically using Email, Postcards, and Videos.

Traditional advertising methods would cost Pathway more than $300,000 per year to obtain the same results there Digital Media Strategies provide on an approximate $25,000 annual budget for advertising.

Is their investment paying off?  For the last 5 years Pathway has experienced double digit increases in sales every single year all due to Next Generation Marketing Strategies.

For this reason alone small businesses must begin to make investments in Next Generation Marketing Strategies.

What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Small Business Owners Today?

There are a number of different challenges that face small business owners including:

  1. Attracting New and Profitable Customers
  2. Developing a Loyal Customer Base That Will Buy Again
  3. Increasing Competition from Innovative Competitors
  4. Staying Relevant to the Millennial Generation and Generation Z

How do you attract profitable new customers without breaking the bank?  How do you increase client retention?  How do you out-market your competitors? How do you become relevant to the next generation?

Making use of Next-Generation Marketing Strategies that include E-Commerce Websites, Videos, Social Media, and Online Reviews and eliminating traditional advertising strategies is how small business owners will succeed in the future.

The WIN Group can help you develop a powerful Digital Media Strategy utilizing Next-Generation Marketing Strategies for a Fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for Ranking results.*

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