About Us

WIN GROUPThe WIN Group is a full-service digital marketing and Cincinnati Branding Agency offering Video Production, Web Design powerful Search Engine Optimization Services, Social Media Marketing, and E-Mail Marketing all under one roof. 

Call and speak with a project manager today. Our contact number is (513) 800-1399 or toll-free (877) 458-9702.

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Our Team Members: 

Our team consists of professional cinematographers, writers, directors, editors, special effects artists, musicians and songwriters, graphic designers, web designers, software coding consultants for legacy systems, search engine optimization experts, copy writing specialists, and most importantly marketing and small business Branding authorities. 

Why Should You Hire Our Company For Your Next Project? 

The WIN Group is a one-stop media and branding company.  Small business marketing and Branding takes many different forms.  To achieve maximum success your business must incorporate all methods of marketing to attract and retain profitable client relationships. 

Working with an advertising or branding company offering only limited services restricts your opportunity to take advantage of the complete digital branding and marketing experience. 

The WIN Group can help your business with any type of advertising or branding campaigns including television or online commercials, Custom web design with guaranteed first page ranking on the search engines, and powerful social media marketing campaigns designed to create buzz and business for your company. 

We work exclusively with small business and we offer introductory pricing levels so you may test our company effectiveness. 

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Why is it important to incorporate multiple client attraction and retention strategies into your business? 

As Technology Progresses It Is Important to Adapt to Changing Dynamics. 

Online digital marketing, including social media, will have a significant impact in the way in which products are bought and sold now and in the future.  

Consider These Facts: 

  •   Amazon was founded in 1994
  •   Google was established September 4, 1998 

In 2008 sales for Amazon totaled $19.17 billion.  Fast forward to the year 2012 and sales totaled $61.09 billion, or more than a 300% increase in sales in only 5 years. 

Goggles revenue for the year 2008 was $21.7 billion. Year end 2012 results amounted to more than $50 billion in revenue. 

Twenty years ago neither company was in existence. Yet what profound influence both Google and Amazon have had on the modern consumer. 

Your Marketing Strategies Must Change with the Times 

What worked yesterday to attract clients to your business may not be as effective or profitable today.  

The WIN Group keeps abreast of changing dynamics and will help your business develop profitable online and offline branding strategies today, and in the future. 

We offer fresh ideas and creative ingenuity. 

Call the WIN Group Today at 513-800-1399 to Speak with a Project Manager. 

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