Video Search Engine Optimization

What is Video Search Engine Optimization? 

It is the technique to rank your online commercials, infomercials, and how to branding videos in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

If you would like to rank your online videos on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo contact the Video Search Engine Optimization experts at the WIN Group.   

Our office number is (513) 800-1399 or toll-free (877) 458-9702.

We guarantee first page ranking of your videos with a 100% money back guarantee.*

Why Your Videos Must Be Listed on the First Page?

Those searching for various products and services on the search engines 90% of the time select a video or website listing on the first page

It is less likely your website or video will be chosen if you are on page 2 or beyond.

It is imperative your video be ranked on the first page of the search engine and the social media platform in which your video is hosted for the proper exposure. (Example YouTube)

What Is Included in Our Video SEO Services?

We offer a best practices Video SEO service to guarantee first page ranking in the search engines and video hosting platform. Also included is creative consultation on the usability of your videos. 

In some instances we will recommend producing replacement videos to increase the effectiveness of your videos. 

We offer full service video production services.

How Long Does It Take to Rank a Video on the First Page?

It depends on a variety of different factors including competition levels. 

We will analyze your competition and provide an assessment to your business on how long it would take to rank your video on the first page.

What is the Investment for Ranking a Video on Page One?

Our minimum investment to rank a video on page one of the search engines is $500 per video dependent upon competition.

Discounts may be available for multiple videos.  This fee does not include production of a video. 

Please see our video production page for more details on the types of videos we have the ability to create for your business.

Video SEO Case Example:

A contractor offering home improvement and roofing services hired our company to produce two videos.  One is a YouTube Commercial and the other a How To Video for Social Media Marketing. 

The first step in Video SEO is taking time to analyze competition levels.  In the Cincinnati area where this company is located we discovered more than 40 videos targeting the keyword: Roofing contractors Cincinnati.

In reviewing the competition’s Videos we quickly determined we would be able to outrank the competitor’s video.  

As a case example we produced a training video you can watch by clicking on Video SEO to learn where the initial video we produced ranked for our client.

A follow-up video will be produced to display how we eventually would outrank all other contractor competitor videos in the future in the Cincinnati area.

Because we are highly skilled in Video search engine optimization we offer a money back guarantee on our work. 

How Our Money Back Guarantee Works?

We will provide your business a written 100% money back guarantee in the event we fail to rank your video on page one of the search engine or video hosting platform. (Such as YouTube) the money back guarantee is inclusive of ranking only and does not apply to production of a video.

Contact the WIN Group Today for an Exact Estimate to Rank Your Videos on the First Page.