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YouTube MarketingYouTube Marketing 

If your company is interested in developing YouTube Marketing strategies for your business, contact the YouTube Marketing professionals at the WIN Group. 

We can help you develop powerful YouTube Marketing strategies that will increase new sales and help your business connect and strengthen existing customer relationships. 

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How Can YouTube Videos Generate Business for Your Company?  

There are a number of different methods you may incorporate in your YouTube marketing strategies to generate business for your company. For instance you can use YouTube videos in the following advertising strategies:

  • How-To Branding Videos
  • Online Commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Product Review Videos
  • Video in E-Mail Marketing  

Let’s consider how-to videos. 

How To Videos – Can Increase Sales and Branding Opportunities for Your Company! 

How to videos are very popular on YouTube.  If you have a problem with your car, computer, camera, health, or literally any issue. YouTube is a go-to source for many consumers and business owners. 

As a business owner do you see how you can leverage your expertise in a how-to video to market to new potential customers? Let’s consider this a little further. 

How Might Companies Use How-To Videos to Generate New Customers? 

Let’s assume you are a roofing contractor. You might create a video that shows homeowners how to determine if they have hail or wind damage on their roof prior to calling their insurance company.   

Click on Hail damage Cincinnati to review a how-to video we developed for Charles Brown Construction. 

At the end of the video Charles simply states: “If you do believe you have hail or wind damage contact me Charles Brown at 513-544-4894. I’ll provide a free estimate and determine whether or not you have damage.” 

This brief how-to video shows the viewer what to look for if hail or wind damage is evident on their home.

Additionally an offer is made by the business owner for a free roofing inspection for those who want a professional to inspect their home for wind or hail damage.  

How Would a Video Similar to This Benefit Your Company?

Hail damage CincinnatiIt can be listed prominently on the first page of the search engines and YouTube itself. 

If your website or video is listed on the first page of the search engines, statistics prove that 89% of all individuals searching for products or services do not go past the first page! 

Go to Google or YouTube and search this term: Hail damage Cincinnati.

What did you find?  This video is on the first page of Google and YouTube!  Because of the thumb nail, this particular video stands out compared to webpage listings, don’t you agree?

Surprisingly, very few companies have created how-to videos to market their companies’ products or services.  

How-to Videos are a powerful untapped strategy you may use to brand your business as a leader in the product or service your company provides. 

Want more information?  

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