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Cincinnati Mobile Website Conversions in 7 Days or Less!

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Why Should You Convert Your Business Website to a Mobile Platform? 

If your website is not mobile friendly you are losing Business for two different reasons! 

Converting your website into a mobile optimized website can increase your conversion rates by as much as 300%! 

Search engines like Google are now beginning to give better ranking results to websites that are mobile optimized.

Our team of coding experts will convert your existing website into mobile friendly platform typically for less than $500! 

What is a Mobile Website? 

This type of website automatically resizes or removes images and content based on the type of device the website is being viewed upon.

So in other words when an interested individual is trying to find a particular product or service on their smart phone, a website that has been coded for mobile devices, will automatically adjust to the smaller screen size making the user experience more favorable. 

In contrast if the smart phone user needs to pinch their screen to make the image larger, such a website is not optimized correctly for mobile devices.   

Why Avoid Plugins or other Mobile Conversion Software Packages?

It is far better for the website to be coded in CSS3 or HTML 5 versus using third party software or plugins as this avoids potential duplicate content penalties and obsolescence of plug-ins. 

Some mobile conversion software packages may cause the creation of two separate websites displaying the same content which may cause the duplicate content penalty from the search engines.

Additionally some plug-ins software packages simply will not help your website look attractive on mobile platforms.

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Our highly proficient website coders are all US-based and typically can convert your website into a mobile friendly within seven business days or less!

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