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Mobile Marketing in Cincinnati is a Powerful Strategy to Promote Your Business. you looking to develop a mobile marketing strategy for your business? Contact the digital media experts at the WIN Group.

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Mobile Marketing Best Practices Involves Optimizing Review Sites & Your Business Website for Mobile Search. 

Smart phones such as the IPhone and Android phones incorporate powerful voice search ability, notably Siri for the IPhone and the Google Now app for Android devices and the IPhone.  

Simply make a verbal request on your smart phone for a local restaurant, dentist, chiropractor, plumber, roofing contractor, or insurance agent and your mobile device will generate results in a matter of seconds. 

Where is this data obtained?  The search engines and review sites! 

If you want your business to be listed to the end user when they are looking for a particular product or service your business offers, you must take the following three steps: 

  •   Your company website must be listed on the first page of the search engines.
  •   Your company website must be mobile optimized. (built using CSS3 and HTML5)
  •   You must optimize the most popular business listing review sites. 

Why Your Company Website Must Be Listed on the First Page? 

Simply stated if the smart phone utilizes data from the search engines and your company website is not on the first page of Google, for instance.  Your business will not be returned as result to the end-user using their smart phone! 

Why Your Company Website Must Be Mobile Optimized? 

There are two specific reasons why your company website must be converted to a mobile platform and coded using CSS3 and HTML5. The search engines are now beginning to give better ranking results to mobile optimized websites versus traditional websites.  

Example: If competitor A hires a web design company and builds a website using CSS3 and HTML5 versus competitor B whom has failed to convert his website into a mobile friendly site, competitor A’s website will outrank competitor B in mobile search.(assumes everything else is equal) 

Additionally mobile optimized websites increase conversion rates by more than 300% according to Adobe’s 2013 digital marketing optimization survey.  

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Why Your Company Must Optimize Your Business Listings on Review Sites? 

Review sites and other sources are used in the data for mobile search. If the most popular review sites have not been claimed or properly optimized by your business, you will not show up in mobile results! 

In summary it is vital for your company website to be listed on the first page of the major search engines. Your company website must be built using CSS3 and HTML5 for optimal responsive design, and the most popular review sites need to be claimed and optimized by your business. 

Taking all three steps will help your company dominate in mobile marketing. 

How can we help? 

The WIN Group Can Help You Develop A Sound Strategy for Mobile Marketing in Cincinnati.

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