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WIN GROUPIn our last article we discussed how Video Product Marketing can provide your company a strategy to promote your company.  While it is true traditional branding is far out of the reach of most small business owners, Video Product Marketing is cost effective and can help your business develop a powerful social media branding experience for the modern consumer. 

If you are wishing to hire a company to help you develop video marketing services contact the WIN Group at 513-800-1399 or toll-free (877) 458-9702.

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WIN Group Video Marketing Services. 

Our company is a full service video production company and we can assist you with Online commercials, Infomercials, How to Branding Videos, and Email marketing Videos.  Let’s consider how these types of services will benefit your business. 

Online Infomercials 

Online video infomercials are similar to television infomercials.  Television infomercials typically run 15-30 minutes. Online infomercials likewise may run 15 to 30 min and typically used paid actors.   

How to Branding videos are an excellent method to establish your business as the go to expert for the products and services your company offers. 

How to Branding Videos 

The owner of the business or a management team member may be used as the spokesperson for How to Branding Videos. (or actors) 

The videos will discuss a common problem or issue facing buyers. For instance let’s assume you own a pest control company and a How to Branding Video is created showing the effects of termite damage on a property.   

The How to Branding Video offers practical tips on what warning signs may be evident if an infestation of termites is occurring, along with examples of damaged properties when termite infestations are left unchecked.  

The How to Branding Video spokesperson offers a free inspection to those watching the video along with an online discount from their company in the event an infestation is discovered. 

E-Mail Marketing Using Video 

Videos may be produced and implemented along with e-mail marketing campaigns to current clients and new customers offering discounts or other helpful tips to encourage client loyalty. 

The e-mail will include a video with a message from the owner of the company or a paid actor.  

The typical click through rate on e-mail marketing campaigns is less than 2 1/2%. Adding video to your e-mail marketing on average increases click through rates by 600%!    

Video Product Marketing Strategies Are a Powerful Way to Promote Your Business! 

Click through rates and responses are increased dramatically when video is incorporated into your overall Social Media Branding strategies.

Video marketing can provide your business a significant advantage over your competitors.  Why not call us today to discover how affordable our video marketing services can be? 

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