Video Product Marketing

What Is Video Product Marketing and How Can It Help Your Business? 

Video Product Marketing Video product marketing is a cost effective and powerful marketing strategy designed to advertise a business’s products and services to potential customers much in the same way as traditional television advertisements, with two significant advantages. 

Video product marketing can target the exact audience interested in the products and services offered by a business unlike television commercials. 

Additionally video product marketing campaigns are far more economical to produce and air compared to traditional television advertisements, allowing small business owners the ability to take advantage of the explosive growth in video. 

More than 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day. More remarkably in the last calendar year more than 72 billion hours were spent watching videos on YouTube! 

Video Product Marketing Is a Powerful Marketing Strategy. 

Video product marketing allows you to connect with new customers and build brand loyalty without the need of a multi-million ad budget.  

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We will now discuss how video marketing allows small business owners to develop a powerful branding strategy to attract new customers to your business. 

How Can Video Marketing Be Used as a Branding Strategy For Business? 

Larger companies invest millions, hundreds of millions, and some spend more than a billion dollars per year to develop their brand. 

This type of investment is far outside the realms for small business owners, yet video marketing can be utilized in the following ways to increase brand awareness for your business. 

  •   Online Commercials
  •   Online infomercials
  •   How to Branding Videos
  •   E-Mail Marketing Using Video 

Online Commercials: 

An online commercial can target perspective new customers searching for the exact product or service your business offers.  This allows a business to more closely target potential customers looking for that specific product or service which television commercials are unable to accomplish. 

For example search for this service in Google: Church insurance Kansas, Motorcycle insurance Cincinnati, or Tax Preparation Florence Kentucky. 

With each keyword you will notice the online commercial is prominently displayed on the first page of Google organically. (Not pay per click advertisements)  

Simply creating a video will not guarantee first page listings on Google, Yahoo, or Bing as there may be dozens or hundreds of different videos targeting the exact same keyword.   To rank your online commercial on the first page of the search requires Video search engine optimization or Video SEO. 

Online commercials may be as short as 15 seconds to 1 min. and 30 seconds. 

In our next article we will discuss online commercials, how to Branding videos, and how you may use video in e-mail marketing. 

Hire Our Company for Video Product Marketing. 

As a full service video production company not only can we help your business develop a video product marketing strategy, we provide all script writing, actors, and postproduction services to make your campaign a success. 

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