Creative Video Production Cincinnati

Need a Creative Cincinnati Video Production Company?

Are you looking for a video production company in Cincinnati? If so contact the WIN Group at (513) 800-1399 or 877-458-9702.

The WIN Group is a full-service Cincinnati video production company utilizing local videographers, writers, marketing, and postproduction experts to help make your next video or TV commercial affordable and a success. 

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Creative and Innovative Ideas Are Your Key to Success! 

The key to success in making your videos stand out from your competitors boils down to one word: Creative Ingenuity. 

Creative Ingenuity is the ability to blend imaginative videography and creative storylines in a way that resonates with your audience without losing the core message you wish to convey to your target market. 

Creative Ingenuity can enhance your ability to be noticed by your viewers. Creative Ingenuity is a necessary component to differentiate your message from your competitors. 

We have a small team of creative writers and marketers whom will work with your company to develop a powerful branding strategy for your company from start to finish. 

When Searching for a Company Offering Video Production in Cincinnati Call Us! 

We offer a fresh, new age marketing model that resonates particularly well with generation Y and Z.   As technology advances new age consumers are connected by means of social media more so than traditional media, we reflect this strategy in our Cincinnati video production services. 

Our company can help you develop innovative solutions for your video production needs, why not call us today? 

Call (513) 800-1399 and speak with Jack Thomas to discuss your next project.  Please take time to review our available services below.

Types of Videos We Can Create for Your Company: 

  • Online Commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Social Media Miniseries (YouTube)
  • Video Product Marketing
  • Music Videos
  • Television Commercials
  • Animated or Motion Designed Video Commercials  

Our Cincinnati Video Production Services Include: 

  •   Concept and Creative Development
  •   Script Writing
  •   Directing and Producing
  •   Green Screen
  •   Actors
  •   Branding
  •   Music
  •   Jingles for your Company

Post Production Services Include:

  •   Editing
  •   Visual Effects including motion graphics
  •   Audio
  •   Voice Overs

Marketing Services:

  •   Social Media Marketing
  •   Search Engine Marketing
  •   Targeted Video Product Marketing

Call the WIN Group Today at 513-800-1399 to Speak with a Project Manager.

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