Web Site Domination Marketing

What is Web Site Domination Marketing?

Web Site Domination Marketing is the specific SEO engineering technique created by the WIN Group allowing your company to dominate the first page of the search engines. 

This means your company website will be listed multiple times on the first page with many keywords new customers are typing into the search engines when they are looking for the products or services your company provides. 

In Some Instances You May Organically Control up to 70% of the First Page of Google Using This Proprietary Strategy!

See the below image of a client of our company.

When you dominate the first page of the search engines many of your competitors will be pushed off the first page, allowing your business to acquire more customers, revenues, and profits.

Your investment depends upon competition levels.  Minimum pricing starts at $1,997 per month.

No other competitor may hire our company in your city as long as your business is under contract for Website Domination Marketing.

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Why Is This Technique Effective and Powerful?

All business owners want their website on page one of the search engines.

Statistically 89% of individuals choose a website listed on the first page. However if your website is listed on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo only one time, you may have less than a 5% chance someone will click on your website! 


There are between 21 and 26 positions on the first page of Google. The number of slots or positions available on the first page is dependent upon Google Places Page, and Pay per Click Ads you see in the first three positions and to your immediate right of the search results page.

One business owner we spoke with was listed for a popular keyword term in the very first position of Google for more than one year and never received a single phone call from a potential client requesting information on their products or services!

In contrast, when your website is listed multiple times for the same keyword on page one you increase your click through rate dramatically.

Second Benefit of Web Site Domination Marketing.

The key to profitable online success is developing a strategy guaranteeing your website is ranked for multiple keywords.

When potential customers are searching for specific products or services they may not all use the exact search keyword, so it is imperative for your website strategy to rank for multiple keywords.

How Many Keywords Are There?

Naturally it depends on your specific industry. There may be dozens or hundreds of different keywords potential customers are typing into the search engines when looking for various products and services they wish to purchase.

Not recognizing the wide variety of keywords individuals are typing into the search engine, limits your ability to target those keywords.

Multiple Page One Listings Of Your Website Will Drive Business to Your Company!

Imagine your business controls up to 70% of all the organic listings in Google for a certain keyword. What would that mean in terms of new business and profits to your company?

For one small business owner it means an extra $400,000 in annual sales. Their return on investment is 7 to 1.  For every dollar invested they receive seven dollars in profits!

Website Domination Marketing is not a theory. It’s a proven strategy that works.

Imagine Controlling up to 70% of The Organic Listings in Google!

If your company website is listed multiple times in the first pages of the search engines, what could that mean for your business in terms of new sales and clients? 

It might mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra business yearly, or monthly.

The minimum investment for this service is $1,997 per month with a down payment to construct your system. 

The down payment and monthly investment depend upon service levels you request in addition to competition levels of your business.

We guarantee your business will be listed multiple times on the first page of the search engines, or our service is provided to you at no cost!*

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