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YouTube Commercials For Business.

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YouTube Commercials Are 100% Free To Broadcast!

One of the most important advantages in producing YouTube commercials for business is the absence of on air broadcasting expenses to run TV commercials!  TV advertising expenses are typically based on how large the market is in which you wish to advertise, and at what time those commercials will air.

Smaller markets may only charge $25 to run one 30 second commercial at 3 a.m. in the morning. However the costs to run one 30 second spot in larger markets during prime time can be thousands of dollars per commercial! (Millions for one 30 second commercial during the Superbowl)

YouTube does not currently charge a broadcast fee to play commercials on YouTube when they are found organically in the search results! 

There is one other powerful benefit of YouTube commercials.

YouTube Commercials Can Target Your Exact Audience.

YouTube commercials have the unique ability to target the exact audience of buyers searching for the products or services your business offers!  (Unlike tradition television commercials)

Example: Let’s assume an individual decides to purchase a motorcycle and will need motorcycle insurance.   This individual may search for motorcycle insurance in a particular area in which he resides by typing Motorcycle insurance Cincinnati.

Typically individual websites results will be shown in the search results along with Videos.

Note the results for the search: Motorcycle insurance Cincinnati.

YouTube Insurance CommercialA YouTube Commercial is in the very first position organically for that keyword!

Insurance buyers looking for Motorcycle insurance in Cincinnati may click on this video because it is in the first position organically.

In this way, targeting the exact audience you wish to market to can be a more powerful, and cost effective method to advertise versus traditional media advertising. 

Additionally organic search results are free of cost to the business owners versus the expenses incurred to run a commercial on television.

YouTube Commercials Are a Powerful, Low Cost Branding Strategy!

Relatively few companies currently take advantage of this powerful advertising medium.

YouTube commercials can help you develop a powerful local brand for your business for a much smaller investment compared to TV advertising. 

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